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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

 करदीकृत---- नृपाम्---अकरदाः करदाः संपादिताः करदीकृताः अखिलाः नृपाः यत्र तथाभूतां ( मेदिनीम् )' Where all kings were made tributary. 'विनश्वर, adjectival Taddjta derivative formed with the suffix वरच् from the root नश्न with vi; comp.ईश्वर्,भास्वर etc.Translation ;- Child, that you blushed, (instead of holding up your head with pride), after making over to me the whole territory with all rulers therein rendered tributary-that though you were betted as a stake by me at the gambling, you did not resent it but were still well pleased with me - that in the royal household of the Matsya King (Virata] you deigned to remain as a cook in order to make my existence possible-these facts which were, indeed, observed unexpectedly were ominous signs of your being about to perish (signs of your being on the eve of your death).

 कृष्णाग्रज सुभद्राभ्रातः----Dharma. implies in addressing thus that Balarama. as the brother of Krishna, who had so entirely identified himself with the cause of the Pandavas, and as the brother Subhadra who of was the wife of one of them (Arjuna), ought. to have had nothing to do in bringing about the catastrophe which is, after all, no reality but only a thing believed on the false testimony of Charvaka. This very idea is expressly set forth in the next stanza.

 St. 20. ज्ञातिप्रीतिः मनसि न कृता । क्षत्रियाणां धर्मः ( मनसि ) न ( कृतः) । तव अनुजस्य अर्जुनेने रूढं सख्यं अपि न गणितम् । कामं भवतः शिष्ययोः स्नेहबन्धः तुल्यः भवतु । कः अयं पन्थाः यत् मन्दभाग्ये मयि त्वं विमुखः आसि ।

 Translation :-You did not consider the love which a kinsmarn owes to a kinsman; nor did you consider what the duty of Kshatriyas required (namely that a Kshatriya ought to stand strictly neutral while witnessng the fight between two combatants) ; you again not mind the unconimon friendship that has grown up between your younger brother (Krishna) and Arjuna. I admit that your love for both your pupils, viz., (Bhima and Duryodhana) may be equal; but what. all unnatural attitude is this, that you are so unpropitious to me, an unlucky fellow !

 मूर्च्छ्या कि मां अतिसंधत्से- Why do you steal a march upon me by falling into a swoon? 'Why do you deceive me etc.? But by this deception Yudhisthira may mean either that Draupadi unfairly leaves him alone to bear the whole grief