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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

contained in the adverb 'निर्वत्सलम्' of the variant; only the unkindness of a younger brother towards an elder cannot appropriately, be spoken of as निर्वत्सलव and this variant is, therefore, inferior from that point of view.

 St. 18. सः कीचकनिषूदनः बकहिडिम्बकिमरिहा मदान्धमगधाचलप्रगुणसँधिभेदाशनिः गदापरिघशोभिना तेन भुजयुगेन अन्वितः तव प्रिय मम अनुज: अर्जुनगुरुः अस्तं गतः किल ।

 बक...हा--बकश्च हिडिम्बश्च किमंश्चि, तान् हन्तीति. The slayer of Baka etc.

 मदान्ध......शनिः-मदान्धः मगधः, स एल अचलः तस्यप्रगुणः (= प्रकृष्टः गुणः यस्य तथाभूतः ) सधः, तस्य भेदे अशनिः ( भीम; ) Who was, as it were, a thunderbolt for breaking up the strong joint (of the chest) of, the haughty mountain-like Magadha King (Jarasandha) v.l. ' मगधाधिपद्विरद' for 'मगधाचलप्रगुण,' As the commentator points out, the metaphor of a mountain (अचल ) fits in better with the metaphor of thunderbolt ( अशनि ) than the metaphor of an elephant (द्विरद ). But even in our reading 'प्रगुण' is rather obscure in the sense of 'सुदृढ'.

 Translation:-He, the killer of Kichaka, the slaver of Baka, Hidamba and Kirmira, a thunder-stroke as it were, for splitting up the well-built chest (lit: joint) of the haughty mountain-like Maghada Prince (Jarasandha), he I, mean, who was endowed with a pair of marvelously stalwart arms that looked so handsome with the mace and the club, who was your beloved husband, my younger brother and Arjuna's elder brother, has, indeed, vanished out of existence.

 शिथिलयितुम् (= शिथिलं कर्तुम् )-Infinitive of शि थिलय, demon, from शिथिल, To grow slack or loose with regard to.

 समुदाचारः, means 'decorous conduct '; sense of decorum ; 'regard for polite manners'.

 P. 89. किं नाम वैपरीत्यं......जनेन-What sudden reversal of nature was observed by people, during all this while, in you who have proved to be so short-lived. Here there is a reference to the belief that when a person nears his end, his nature undergoes a sudden change, which, therefore, serves as a fore-warning of his approaching end. Ancient writers on medicine deal with this point.

 St. I9. वत्स करदीकृताखिलनुपाम् मेदिनी में दत्त्वा यत् लज्जसे यच्च द्युते मया पणीकृतोऽपि हि न कुध्यसि ( प्रत्युत) प्रीयसे यत् मत्स्यराजभवनै मम स्थित्यर्थं सूदतां प्राप्तोऽसि एतानि विनश्वरस्य ते चिन्हानि सहसा दृष्टानि ।