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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

 परिभवः......जीवित--परिभवस्य प्रतीकाराय परित्यक्त जीवितं येन तथाभूत --0 one that sacrificed his life for the sake of revenge for insults received by me!

 सौगन्धिकाहरण -सौगन्धिकस्य आहरण ( कमलाविशेषस्य आनेतः ) 0 fetcher of the rare lotus-flower !' For the allusion here as well as the stories:of the differet enemies killed by Bhima (जटासुर, etc ) read the Mahabharata.

 'चाटुकार-0 one given to fondling me with bladishments; one accustomed to flatter me.

 धार्तराष्ट्र...प्रालयवर्ष-0 hail-shower for (throwing a blight over) the lotus plant in the shape of the Kaurava family!

 समाश्वास् to take comfort; समाश्वासय because, to administer comfort, to console.

 आधीयतां समाश्चासः -Have recourse to consolation.

 कथाशेषः-A part of the account yet to be narrated.

 चौरसुलभा गति-The fate incidental to (the life of a warrior i.e.death on the battlefield.

 समग्रसंगलितं ( बाष्पम्)-The tear which had clean slipped out of the eye (i.e. beyond the possibility of being recalled or suppressed).

 प्रत्यग्र चर्चितम्----- प्रत्यग्रम्य क्षतजस्य छुट्या चर्चित (गदाम् ) Smeared with a quantity of fresh blood.

 संघित्सुना ( वासुदेवेन ). Desiderative noun denoting agent from धा with सम् . 'Who wished to make peace.' सोपहासम् -adverb modifying 'आहूयमानः'

 भ्रमित.... ध्वनिना ----भ्रमितायाः गदाया: झंकारः, तेन मूर्छितः गम्भीरः वचनस्य ध्वनिः यस्य तथाभूतेन ( कौरवराजेन ). Whose grave voice was blended with the whiz of the mace that he flourished.

 'तृतीयाऽनुजः- तृतीयः' does not strictly qualify 'अनुजः' , in sense; for Arjuna was not the third younger brother of Yudhisthira. तृतीयः, therefore, simply means 'the third of the Pandayas.'

 अकृतिन्—Unskilled. For this meaning of कृतिनु, compare - यूनः क्षत्रियवंशजस्य कृतिनः कोधास्पदं किं न तत् St. 25, of Act II.

 कामपाल is Balarama.

 स्वरथं आरोप्य द्वारकां नीतः स्वरथं आरोपितः द्वारकां नीतश्च was seated in his own chariot and taken off to Dwaraka.

 P. 88. तदेव प्रतिपन्ना......वया- 'You found the way by which to follow Bhima at the very instant by putting away the Gandiva bow. The idea is that Arjuna being unskilled in