विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

vs. 6-7: ] That is, This correction is subtracted from or added to the Sun's true longtude for mean sumrise at the local equatorial place, according as the Sun's b ja 24ala is subtractive or additive. Thus we obtain the Sun's true longitude for true sunrise at the local cपृuatorial place. Sun's blujahala x planet's mean daily motion 21600 The blgjantara correction is, thus, the correction for the euation of time due to the Sun's cपृuation of the centre (i.e., due to the eccentricity of the ecliptic). and Approximate formulae for the blujantara corrections for the Sui and the M001 : 5. One-sixth of the (Sun's) bhujahala is, in seconds of arc, (the bltgantara correction) for the Sun; that for the Moon is obtained in minutes of arc etc. by multiplying (the Sun's blugja }/hala) by 3 and dividing by 82. That is blujantara correction for the Sun = bhujantara correction for the Moon = 19 These formulae can be easily derived similar formulae see 62 seconds; from the previous rule. minutes. For other A rule for finding the true distances of the Sun and the Moon in minutes (called mandalkar70): 6-7. Increase or diminish the radius by the (Sun's) oft }lhala (according as the mean Sun is) in the half-orbit commenc ing with the anomalistic sign Capricorn or in that commending with Cancer. The s५uare root of the sum of the squares of that and the (Sun's) balhuploala is the (first approximation to the Sun's) distance. (Severally) multiply that by the (Sun's) bahu42bala and kot}}hala and divide (each product) by the radius: (the