विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

PREFACE The object of the "Hindu Astronomical and Mathematical Texts Series" is to bring out authoritative and critical editions of important unpublished works dealing with ancient Hindu astronomy and mathematics. The present edition of Bhaskara I's Laghu-Bhaskarlya is No. 4 of this series. v • The idea of bringing out the above series is due to Dr. A. N. Singh, late Professor of Mathematics, Lucknow University, who organised a scheme of research in the history of Hindu mathematics and astronomy. in the Depart- ment of Mathematics, Lucknow University, with the object of collecting, studying, and editing important works on Hindu mathematics and astronomy. Under his able supervision remarkable progress was made in this direction and a number of manuscripts were acquired, studied and edited. The work is being continued since his death in 1954 by our colleague, Dr. Kripa Shankar Shukla, Reader in Mathematics, Lucknow University, who has already been actively engaged in this work since 1941. The scheme of research in the history of Hindu mathematics and astronomy referred to above has been financed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, through the help of Dr. Sampurnanand, its then Education Minister* for which we offer our sincere thanks to them. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Sampurnanand for taking keen and abiding interest in the progress of our research and encouraging us from time to time. The present publication has been made out of a grant of Rs. 3,000/- kindly sanctioned by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, for which we onc% again express our sincere thanks to them. Our thanks are especially due to Acharya Jugat Kishore, our present Minister of Education, for sanctioning the above grant. R. Ballabh