विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

PASSAGES FROM THE LAGHU-BHASKARIYA 9UOTED OR ADOPTED IN LATER WORKS (2) PAssAGEs QUoTED Passages from the Loglu-Bhaskarya occur as quotations in the following commentaries : (1) Karavinda Svāml's commentary on the bastamb0-5ulb0 (2) The Prgy0g0-ra6ara, an anonymous commentary on the (3) Suryadeva's commentaries on the publtatya and the (4) Yalaya's commentary on the Aryablhaya. (5) Nilakantha's commentary on the Aryabhay0. (6) Raghumatha Raja's commentary on the Aryabhayu. (7) (Commentary on the 7aratra-60aigraha of NIlakantha. (8) (Govinda Somayaji's commentary, entitled Da5d on the Brhgjataka of Varahamilhira. (9) Vispu Sarma's commentary on the Vidya-madlujya. Below we refer briefly to these passages and to the places where they occur as quotations. 1. Passage quoted by Karavinda Svāmi. Passage uoted: LBh, i. 1. 90uoted under: 20startba-sulbu-stra, patala 1, khanda 1, stra 1. 2. Passages quoted in the Prgyoga-70and Passages quoted : LB}, i. 19-21, 22. Quoted under: 1MBh, iv. 1-2. 1 This passage shows that Karavinda Swami lived after Bhaskara , i.e., after A. D. 629. In this connection see B. Datta, sinc८ १f the Sulba, Calcutta (1932), pp. 16-17