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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

98 CONJUNCTION OF A PLANET AND A STAR [CH. VIII In the Maha-Bhaskariya, the latitudes of Mula and Uttarasadha are stated to be 8°20'S and 7°20'S respectively. Definition of absolute conjunction of the Moon with a star : 10. The Moon is in (absolute) conjunction with a junction- star when her longitude and celestial latitude both in magnitude and direction, are the same as the longitude and celestial latitude, in magnitude and direction, of the star. Latitudes of the Moon when she occults some of the prominent stars of the zodiac : 11-16. When the Morn attains 160 minutes (of arc) of north latitude, she clearly covers the junction-star of the naksatra Krttika (i.e., the Pleiades). 1 Having attained her maximum northern latitude, the Moon covers with her disc the central star of the naksatra Magha. 2 With her latitude 60' (south), the Moon clearly occults the cart of RohirJ (i.e., the V-shaped constellation of Hyades); and with latitude 256' south, she covers the junction-star (of Rohiru) (i.e., Aldebaran). 3 With her latitude 95 (minutes of arc) south, (the Mcon covers the junction-star of) the naksatra Citra (ie., Spica) ; with 150 (minutes of arc) south, (the junction-star of) the. naksatra Anuradha 4 ; anol with 200 (minutes of arc) (south), (the junction- star of ) the naksatra Jyestha (i.e., Antares) . 5 With latitude 87 (minutes of arc south), the Moon clearly occults (the brighter of ) the two northern stars of the naksatra Visakha; with 24 (minutes of arc) south, (the junction-star of) the naksatra Satabhisak (i.e., x Aquarii). 6 i Cf. MBh, iii. 74(i). 8 Cf. MBh, iit. 74(ii). 3 Cf. MBh, iii. 71(ii)-72(i).

  • According to H. T. Colebrooke and E. Burgess, it is 5 Scorpii. Accor-

ding to Bentley, it is jS Scorpii. 6 Cf. MBh, Hi. 72(H) -73$. 6 Cf. MBh, iii, 73.