विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

vs. 23-24 ] (Other corrections for the Moon : 23-24. The result in minutes of arc, etc., which is obtained on multiplying the true daily motion of the Moon by the usus of the Sun's ascensional difference and dividing (that product) by the number of a15us in a day and might (i.e., by 21600) should always be added to or subtracted from the true longitude of the Moon (for true sumrise at the local equatorial place) according to (the position of) the Sun. The remaining (bltgjahal८) correction for the Moon is applied (to the Moon's longitude corrected for the longitude and blujantara corrections) in the same manner The correction stated in the first part of the above passage is the Moon's ८ara-5aौskara, i.e., correction to the Moon's longitude due to the Sun's ascen The blugjabial correction for the Moon, which is the caाra correction, is given by the formula: blujahala correction for the Moon = Rsin(bgja due to Moon's mean anormaly)x Moon': tabulated epicyle 80 or + sign being taken according as the Moon's mean anomaly is less or greater than 180° From the above, we see that in the case of the Moon, the order corrections to be applied is, as stated before, as follows: (1) the longitude correction, (3) the blujaphala correction centre) to be applied before (2) the bigjantara correction (i.e., correction due to the Sun's cपृua tion of the centre),

  • wid८ supra, stanzas 19-20.

(i.e., the 29 Moon's equation (4) the ८ara correction (i.e., correction due to the Sun's difference ). of the of the ascensional

  • The commentator Parame5vara suggests, as a , alternative, the appli