विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

99 Carnifex, and in like manner the place of execution is the publio cemetery or place of burning the dead. The criminal is dressed as a victim with very classical decorations.'-Wilson. [करवीरक.] Afragrant oleander-Nerium adorum. See below Verse 21. p. 227. L. 10-13 (Verse 3). The crows, cawing harshly, are anxious to eat my body, besmeared with red sandal, covered with flowers growing in cemetery, with linubs soiled with dust and drenched with tears like an oblation apportioned to them. -पितृवनम्.] A cemetary. 'श्मशानं स्यात् पितृवनम्'-अमर:.-मलिमित्र.] It is incumbent on every householder to fix some portion of his bread for the crows daily. Cf. Manu- "शुनां च पतितानां च श्वपचा पापरोगिणां । वायसानां कृमीणां च सननिर्षपद भुवि ।" मालिनीवृत्तम्- P. 227. L. 15-16 (Verse 4). Why do ye, gentle spectators, behold on this good tree to be cutasunder by thodendly edge of the axe-this good trce in the form of the saintly Chirudattar the peaceful abode for birds in the form of the virtuous, गाधा metro, रूपकालङ्कारः. Cf. Supra गुणप्रवालं &c. IV. 31. P. 228. L. 3-4 (Verse ). Though a man yet marked witlu the lands dipped in ruddy gandal and besmeared with meal- powder I am transferred into a boast (to be victimized). Victims are always iadorned with red sandal &c. before they are sacrificed. Consult any pnddhati for rites to be observed at Balidana. P.228.6-7 (Verse 6).Seeing what has befallen me these citizens shed tears and curse tho hainan nature. Being incapable of rescuing me, they pronounce the benediction 'may you attain to heaven! Cf. Iudriraksasa P.2600 उपजातिवृत्तम्. P. 228. L. 9-10 (Verse :). These four things ought not to be looked at-Indre (i.e. his flag) being earried out, the delivery of a cow, transition of stars and the death of a good man.---[इन्द्रः ] i.e. इन्द्रध्वजः-aflag raised on the eighth day and dismissed on the twelfth of the bright half of Bhadrapada in honour of Indra. It is directed to be remored privately. Cf.- "उस्थापयेत्तर्यरवैः सर्यलोकस्य वै पुरः। रहो विसर्जयेत् केतुर्विशेषोऽयं प्रपूजने ॥" Kalikapuri.na. a . . . .