विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

97 Tho verse leads us to presume that our author flourished at the time when Mare and Jupiter were regarded as enemies. He had a fair knowledge of astrology (See VI Act) and could hardly neglect it and commit a mistake called 'विद्याविरुद्ध' by the rhetori- cians.-[प्रक्षीणस्य] refers to Charudatta's poverty or exhaustion.- [अङ्गारक] refers to Samsthānaka's enmity. P.222. L. 14-17 (Verse 34). Of course ornaments prepared by human ageney can resemble each other. Artists, after the aualogy of one can, by the dexterity of their hand, fashion another which will be exactly identical with the prototype- कृतहस्तता.] Handiness, dexterity, वसन्ततिलकं वृत्तम् P. 223. L. 6-7 (Verse 35). Veracity brings forth happinese 3; there is no sin in proclaiming what is true. So don't hide it bya kie. वैतालीयं छन्दः (सच &c. two syllables in comparison to अलीएण.). P.223. L. 13--14 (Verse 36). Undoubtedly the heavy lashes shall fall relentlessly on your tender body together with our desives.--[सहासाकं &c.] Our desires are also frustrated.-[कशा.] A whip. 'अश्वादेः ताडिनी कशा' अमर.. P. 223. L. 16-17 (Verse 37). I, the descendant of a stainless family am void of ain; if you deem me guilty then what if I be sinless. P. 224. L. 19. हा जाद &c.] Mark the nagnanimity of the old prostitude. She cares not for her dear daughter but is anxious for suinty Chārudatta. __P. 225. L. 5-6 (Verse 39). The convicted culprit is a Brahman, and according to Manu is not to be put to death, but the may be exiled without the confiscation of his property. Cf. Manu-- 'न जातु ब्राह्मणं हन्यात् सर्वपापेष्वपि स्थितं । राष्ट्रादेनं बहिष्कुर्यात् समग्रधनमक्षतम् ॥' and 'मौण्यं प्राणान्तिको दृपडो ब्राह्मणस्य विधीयते'। ___Manus. VII. 380, 79. Also ef. Mitakshara page 128. P220. L. 14-15 (Verse 40), It is thus that the kings thrown into fire of such iniquity by the ministers become foul sinners (lit. go to miserable plight). P. 225. L. 17-18 (Verse 41). Such white erows who deile king's justice (lit. order) killed and kill even now thousanda of innocentra