विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

96 P.217. L. 14-17 ( Verse 27). Will you, without testing, take for granted whatever the low, wicked, jealous of others' excel- lences, blinded by passion and desirous of murdering another, may say and which must be false-it boing his generic property to lie. प्रहर्षिणी तं, परिकरचालङ्कारः. P. 217. L. 19-22 ( Verse 28). I never dragged rudely a creeper in blossoms and plucked the flowers-how possibly couldI pull a weeping damsel by the hair as glossy and black as the wings of a black hee and kill her.--[कुसुमिता]. fiowered. --सजातकुसु- मां-इस-सदस्य संजातं तारकादिभ्य इत' ५।२।३९. वसन्ततिलकं वृत्तं, काव्य- लिङ्गमलङ्कारः. 'काव्यलिन हेतोर्वाक्यपदार्थता. P.218. L. 13-16 ( Verse 29). Maitreya, what is this that destruction befalls me to-day (although I am stainless). Ah me! Oh my dear wife! the daughter of a spotless Brahman family. Ah ! My son, my dear Rohasena! You do not see my afflictions but take delight in juvenile sports.-[हा ब्राह्मणि &c.] You belong to a noble dynasty but eternal shame and grief awaits you. People will say-it was her husband wbo strangled a fair for accursed luere!--[परल्यसनेन०]-परेण केवलेन व्यसनेन पाल्यसुलभेन क्रीड़नेन-the sole childish tricks.-[मिध्यय] Dire calanmity awaits you after your papa's death. परम्-Sole, alone. 'परः श्रेष्ठारिदूरान्योत्तरे की तु केवले' इति मेदिनी. वसम्मतिलकं वृत्तम्. P. 220. L. 1-2 (Verse 30). I, the malicous sinner, caring not ajot or title for the next world.ra fair or say embodiment or quintessence of sexual happiness-the rest will be declared by this wretch. P,220. L. 12. [अनीशः] Poor. P. 220. L. 14. कृतजनदोषभाण्ड.] Stuffed vessel of everything obnoxious to mankind. P. 221. L. 14-15 ( Verse 31 ). These ornaments unfortunately found at such an ill hour will certainly cause my ruin, P. 221. L. 18-19 (Verse 32). The royal eye is short-sighted and does not observe realities, To speak like a base wreteh is to make death shameful. P. 221. L.21-22 (Verse 33), Another planet like the comet (smoke-bannered) has risen, as it were, against Jupiter who is waning and has Mars as his foe. अनुष्टुप् metre. Old astrologers believed that Mars was an enemy of Jupiter. The modera headed by Varahamihira hold the contrary view. Of.- 'जीवेन्दूष्णकराः कुजस्य सुहृदयः' and 'सूरे सौम्प सितावरीरविसुतो मध्यापरे षन्यथा.' --Brihajjatakar