विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

94 "दोभ्यो तितीर्षसि सरङ्गवती भुजङ्गं आदातुमिच्छति करे हरिणाङ्कविम्बम् । मेरु लिलायिषति ध्रुवमेष देव यस्ते गुणान् गदितुमुद्यममासनोति ॥" P. 215. L. 2–5 (Verse 21). You, low as you are, expound the Vedas but your tongue does not fall out, you gaze upon the Sun in the zenith, but your siglit in not lost; you plunge pour hand into the blazing fire still it is not consumed; you cast a stigma on Chârudatta's character, yet the carth does not gwallow and destroy your frame ! To revile Chârudatta is a heinous crime whose consequences are similar to those of plunging hands into fire &c. Evil-doers are said to be troublously burdensome to the earth. Cf. - "उपकारिणि विश्राधे शुद्धमती यः समाचरति पापम् । तं जनमसत्यसन्धं भगवति वसुधे कथं वहसि ॥" Hitopados'a. Caraba &c] The reading of the Vedas is sinful for the s'adras and results according to the orthodox views in the loss of the vocal organs.-[प्राकृसः] A low or vulgar man. (प्रकृती भव:- अण् २३.५३ प्रकृष्टं अकृतं अकार्य अस्य). 'विवर्णः पामरो नचिः प्राकृतश्च पृथग्जनः' इत्यमरः. -TYTT @ Move him from his inorul conduct i. e. stain his farme. Metre सुमधुरा. 'नौ सौ मोनो गुरुश्चेद् यऋतुरसैरुक्ता सुमधुरा'- sub-variety of prera. P. 215. L. 7-10 (Verse 22). He drew out all jowels from the Ocean, made it a mere reservoir of enormous water and distributed disregarded riches to the ncedy ). How would he, the sole re- ceptacle of virtue and magnanimous commit, for the sake of (despised) wealth, such a foul deed which the wicked even regard as obnoxious,-[उदको०]---उदकस्य उच्छय आग्नत्यं सन्मानमेव शेषो यस्थ सं-- which has a large quantity of water as the only costly thing left, its precious pearls being taken out by Chârudatta for giving alnas to the poor kea-[अवैरिजुष्टं]-शत्रुभिरसेविस-which the evil foes disdain to commit. astepte 4 metre. P. 215. L. 21-22 (Verse 23). That kick and disgraceful mal- treatment has roused deadly animosity in ine. I remained dovi- sing plans of retaliation and could hardly rest in the night. [पादप्रहार]-पादप्रहारेण परिभव आक्रमः स एव विमानना तया बद्धं गुरुकं महद्वैरं 1-one who has conceived bitter hatred or contracted confirmed hostility (against Chandanaka) on account of receiving a kick and disgraceful insult at his hands.-[परिभवः.] Disgrace. (परौ भुवः- ३॥३॥५५, इति धनो वैकल्पिकत्वात् ऋदोरम् (३।३१५७.) 'अनादरः परिभवः' इत्यमरः. आर्या metre