विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

93 A considerable time after the verse was written, elapsed before the use of this adj. as mas. was discarded by the rhetoricians. Otherwise how could Mammata say that it was disregarded by the Kavis. Our author, of course was also a dramatist of high rank and authority. Vamana quotes him to strengthen his post- tion in Kavyalankarasů travritti.ff: in this age should indicate modern Kavis. Otherwise it is clear enough that either the verse was unknown to Mammata or he attached no import ance to it or its author. P. 211. L. 12-15 (Verse 16). The face is marked by a promi- nent nose, and eye large at the outer corners. This can never be the originator of causeless crimes. In the case of elephants, cows, horses and men, the appearance novor deviates from an exactly akin character. [Farsta: &c.] Appearance is a test of character. Noble forms indicate noble deeds. Cf.-'आकृतिमनुगृह्णान्ति गुणाः'- Viddhas’alabhanjikå. Also cf.- ftit To TH --Subhashita, -सुसदृशम्]-स्वानुरूपम्. Prominent nose and large eyes expanded at the outer corners are regarded as good signs by the physiogno. miats. See Agnipurana 242nd Canto. There metre, suf न्तरन्यासालार. P. 212. L. 15-18 ( Verse 17 ). Under the garb of modesty or ra. ther fear he tries to hide his foul sin of female's murder for the Bake of wealth (but he should remember that the king will soon discover it. वैतालीय छन्दः. P. 213, L. 7-8 (Verse 18). (Take care ) the suit predicts danger, banish all reserve from your heart. Speak the truth. Enough of delnyhere no importance is attached to frauds of any kind, P. 214. L. 10-13 (Verse 19). You have not been besprinkled with the atmospheric waters like wings of the blue jay in the sky. Still your face, without any cause, becomes destitute of its lustre like a lotus in winter.-(T.] In vain--without reason.---(719) blue jay—Coracias indice(a) Intermediate space, sky.-वसन्तन्तिलक metre, उपमालङ्कारः, P. 214. L. 15–16 ( Verge 20). To stigmatise Charudatta ia to grasp the wind, swim the ocean, or weigh the lord of the mountains( i. e. Himalaya ) 1. e. the staining of Chårudatta's character is as impossible as the weighing of the Himalaya &c. - [afta] Lord of the mountains or Himalaya. Rhetorical figure निदर्शमा. मिदर्शना---'अभवन् वस्तुसम्बन्ध उपमापरिकल्पका.'-Kavyaprakasta X. II. Cf:-