विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

P. 206. L. 12. festol. As his previous words involved him as well. P. 206. L. 17. [armario &c.] In relation to assertion and facts--the first is related to the plaintiff and defendant; the second depends on the discretion of the judge. P. 208. L. 10. [549877kat.) Law puts the question. P. 209. L. 4. (u). Name of the scribe or Kåyastha. P. 209. L. 5. For the four Padas of litigation gee Mitakshara p. 116 चतुष्पादव्यवहारोय &c. and 110. P. 209. L.T. [स्वैरमसम्भ्रान्त]. Gently and calmly.-[प्रस्तावेन] in- cidently, P. 209. L. 12–13 ( Vorge 8). The king knows my rank and character well—really then his summons is caused by bis distrust in my position (lit. his summons distruats my plight). ---Chi &c.] My wretched condition has rouscd suspicion aud distrust in the prince's mind. Otherwise he would not have summoned me whose lineage and behaviour are sufficiently known to him.--[*] refers to his abject poverty. अनुष्टुप् वृत्तम् . P. 209. L. 15-18 (Verse 9). Is he found out who escaped the (lungeon, came on the road and was carried off by me on my car, or has the king, seeing through the detectives, been informed of it that I am sunmoned to appear like a criminal (lit, proceed like one accused of guilt)? *+-to attack, prosecute. The third line appears to be merely a repetition of the previous two--cor- responds to the speaker's agitation.--[ama sem..] Released from imprisonment. als Metre. P. 210. L 1-4 (Verse 10). The crow shrieks harshly, the ministerial servants call upon me repeatedly and my left eye throbs exceedingly. Ah ! bad omens torture me much.--[#]- मां-gen. for ace. (सम्बन्धविवक्षया कर्मणि षष्ठी). उपजातिवृत्तम्. The root arat really belongs to the IV conjugation and Atma- nepada. 'अनुदात्तेस्वलक्षणमात्यनेपदमनित्यं' इति न्यायेनात्र परस्मैपदं न्यायानङ्गीकारे 'परस्मैपदप्रयोगोयं चिन्स्य एब or वाशं करोति इति वाशति-इति समर्थनं स्यात्. For the root and used in the atm. of. Bhatti IV.76-'निलिल्ये मूर्भि गृध्रोस्य करा स्वाक्षा पवाशिरे.'Also ibid 14, P. 210, 7–8 (Verse 11). The crow perching on yonder ) parched tree, and facing the sun is frightfully gazing at me. P. 210. L. 10-13 ( Verse 12). On my path lies the snake black like the rent antimony, turning his eyes on me, protruding his wide and hissing tongue with four white fangs and belly coiled and inflated and dashes against the ground in rage. Aparat metra Of. राक्षस-(वामाक्षिस्पंदनं सूचयिरवा) कथं प्रथममेव सर्पदर्शनम्. Mudra R. P. 81. A