विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

88 P. 200. L. 3. [विषअम्धिगर्भप्रविष्टेन] That has entered into the in- terior of the knot of the fibrous lotus-stalk. P.200... 13. प्रति+पालय-to wait for. P. 201. L. 4. after the chief of merchants; his assistance was needed for verifying the accounts &c. Sea Vyavahârådhyâya of Mitakshara, P. 201. L. 6. Carro). As they have to rely upon the state- ments of the parties engaged and their adherents it is difficult for the judges to penetrate into the heart and agcertain the truth. P. 201. L. 8-11 (Verse 3). The conflicting parties adduce what is quite veiled and void of righteousness, overcome by passion thoy do not confess their individual faults in a court of justice. Consequently the king's character (lit. the king) is assailed by the crimes strengthened by the strategems of plantiffs and defendants. In short censure is very easy for an administrator of justice to obtain but applauso is not his lot.--[5] Hidden under falsc state- ments. at fire-to put forth, adduce. Cf. 'karama-Mudra- rakshasa P. अ.-[पक्षापर०] - अर्थिप्रत्यर्थिनोर्मुषाभाषितैषधिसवलैः निश्चेतुमशक्य- Afer urey-the net of falsity is so woven round them that they bafle all enquiry. शार्दूलविक्रीडितं वृत्तम्. For दोषैः &c. ef. Manu--- "अवमान् दण्डयन् राजा दण्ड्यांश्चैवाप्यदण्डयन् । अयशो महानोति नरकं चैव गच्छति ॥" P. 201. L. 13-16 (Verse 4). People enraged and destitute of equity aceuse others of secret commissions but do not their faults before & tribunal. Even the virtuous and those who commit guilt while partaking of crimes of the conflicting parties, all suffer indeed. In brief a judge readily becomes liable to reproach and is only rarely praised for his justice. alfa - This is a useless repetition of the previous idea. P. 201. L. 18-21 (Verse 5). A judge should be sradite, expert in tracing out the deceitful tricks, eloquent, dispassionate and impartial. He should pronounce his judgments only after due investigation of the case in band, protect the helpless, punish the rogues, covet after justice and his mind be always intent upon the ascertainment of truth and he should passify the royal resentment, सार्दूलविक्रीडितं वृत्तम्. For तुस्यो मित्र &c. cf.-- "पिताचार्यः सुहमाता भार्या पुत्रः पुरोहितः। मावण्यो नाम राहो हि यः स्वषमें म तिष्ठति।" thie Manu.jisture of sonounce OWD