विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

87 my raiment.-[विस्तीर्णपत्राणि]-प्रसारितपक्षाणि-with their wings spread. -पत्राणि] Birds. 'पत्रं तु वाहने पणे पक्षे च शरपक्षिणोः' इति विश्व:. आर्या metre, उपमालङ्कारः (पत्राणि--feathers and leaves). P. 197. L. 13. [TUT TUTO] As that implied some conceit. P. 198. L. 1. (ani sai &c.] As ascetics should abstain from all the eight kinds of sexual enjoyment; one of the four great prohibitions of the Buddhists. P. 198. L. 4. [विहारः.] Buddaistic monastery. 'विहारो भ्रमणे स्कन्धे लीलायां सुगतालये' इति मेदिनी. P. 198. L. 8-9 (Verse 47). He alone is the true man who has complete control over his hands, mouth and other senses. The king can do him no harm. He is sure to wia beatitude. Metre -Combination of fat: and squifar:. Act IX. P. 199. L. 2. (arten :) A servant charged with cleaning and keeping a house in order. (The root S'udh to purify). P. 199. L. 3. [अधिकरणभोजकाः] Judges. अधिक्रियते निश्चीयते याथा- य॑मत्रेत्यधिकरणं विचारालयः (court of justice) तस्य भोजकाः उपभोगकारिणः विचारका इत्यर्थः, Cf. Daus'ukumāra puge 40--'अलामेऽर्थस्य कामस्वीकृते स्वामि- न्यधिकरणे च साधा. P. 199. L. 4. [ZHEIT:] Judicial procedure. Cf. Katyayana- "वि नानार्थेऽव संदेहे हरणं हार उच्यते । नानासंदेहहरयाद् व्यवहार इति स्मृतः ॥" P, 199. L. 7. [विविक्तः] Cleansed. S'odhanaka uges S'auraseni dialect, hence the preponderance of dentals in his speech. P. 199. L, 13-16 (Verse 1). Seated in a pleasure-gardien amidst young ladies like Gandharvas with decorated limbs I have bathed in water..[ut] Instrumental for nominative. Igra-

  1. ] Well adorned.

P. 200. L. 1-2 (Verse 2). Now tying my hair, then twisting them into a braid, now loosening them into flowing tresses) and then gathering them upwards into a graceful knot, I the royal brother-in-law, am indeed variegated and of manifold forms.

  • T: and attautulogy. (pit here is to be treated as if it

were short). That measure.