विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

86 into some noble family remarkable for its excellences and good moral conduct.--[जातौ]-जन्मनि--birth. (जनी प्रादुर्भावे क्तिन् ३२३९५ and आव ६।४।४२)'जाति: सामान्यजन्मनोः' इत्यमरः. P. 193. L. 5. [arger: Sister's husband.--(sagri dit] Defend yourself, 'भगिनीपतिसवुत्तः' इत्यमरः. P. 193, L. 16. [यावत्यां वेलायां &c.] Supply त्वमात्मानमेभिरलङ्गुरु after तावती वेला f-you may equip yourself with them.-[आज्ञा तय]-इयं तब af #917--this is my bebest for you. P. 194. L. 3. [प्रासाद]-प्रासादस्य बृहदट्टालिकाया बालायां अभिनवनि- मितायां अग्रप्रतोलिकायां प्रधानरध्यायां. प्रतोलिका-main-street. 'रध्याप्रतोली विशिखा' इत्यमरा. P. 194. L. 7. [#] Secret. P. 194, L. 16-17 (Verse 44). For the destruction of Chấru- datta I devise a new fradulent Jevise which will be as violent as the murder of a beast in a virtuous city. अनुष्टुप् वृत्तम्. P. 194. 17. [अविदमादिके]. Interj. indicative of surprise and affliction. P. 195. L. 5-6 ( Verse 45 ). Thus I hurry on as did Mabendra bound io Tankâ, going through the atmosphere over earth, the nether regions and on the summit of the Hanumat, The first half is in the approffer measure and the second in the उपगीति. He wanted to say—9 Hanumst going to Lanka by the heavens leaped over the earth, lower world and the top of the Mahendra mountain (another example of व्याहत्तोपमम् ). HER--Name of its or principal nountain-one of the seven mountains supposed to exist in each division of the continent. Their names are: "महेन्द्रो मलयः सह्यः शक्तिमान प्रक्षपर्वसः । विन्ध्यश्च पारियात्रश्च सप्तैते कुलपर्वताः॥" Visbộupuriņa, Hanumat the famous monkey chief juinped over the southern ocean and went to Lankà for the discovery of Sitâ. (Cf. Vâlmika, उलंघ्य सिन्धोः सलिल सलीलं यः शोकवहिं जनकात्मजायाः &c.). He is said to be the son of the Wind-god and hence called Måruti, His prowess is said to be extraordinary. At several critical occasions his assistance proved indispensable to Rama and his army. P. 196, L. 11-12 (Verse 16). Or perhaps these very leaves parched by the hot wind and solar heat ara quivering like the birds with extended plumage, being moistened by the moisture of