विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

81 P. 181. L. 1. [कोल] Hog. (कुल संस्त्याने + अच्). P. 181. L. 4. [सौवर्ण पाठकं] Cold-seat. P. 182. L. 2. [पहववि भट्टके शलीलाह &c.] Cf. Mowbray- Myself I throw dread sovereign, at thy foot. My life thou shalt command, but not my slame: The one my duty owes; but my fair name, Despite of death that lives upon my grave, To dark dishonour's use thou shalt not have. King Richard II, Act I, Scene I. P. 183. L. 1-2 (Verse 25). Fate has already punished me for the sins committed in the previous life and made me a born slase. So I will not incur the penalty of being born a page again (lit. I won't purchase more-honce avoid the misdeed), arraf metre. P. 183. L. 5-8 (Verge 26). Lo! Even this poor slave morged in a miserable plight feels anxious for betterment in the next world, but his master does not. Why do they not disappear from this world at once who multiply evil but discourage virtue.- [परिभूतदशः]-परिभूता तिरस्कृप्ता दशा अवस्था यस्थ दुरवस्थ इत्यर्थः-thrust in a wretched condition. [असदृशं]-वृध्यनह-not to be increased. वसन्ततिलक metre. P. 183. L. 10–11 (Verse 37). Certainly Fate will notice the wycak points and is adversely dangerous, is she has made him slave and you the lord, also because he does not enjoy your wealth noc you perform his biddings. For fara:—(adverse, fereful) cf. Mudra. p. 240. उपजाति metre (इन्द्रवज्रा+ उपेन्द्रयना), Rhetorical blunder great. The idea expressed by the first two lines is only repeated in the two following.--[W]—03.weak point, defect. Cf. Mudra R. VI. 6. P. 183. L. 14. [aryart :) An enclosed or screened place. P. 183. L. 17. [परिकरं बनन् ] Tightening his girdle. परिकीर्यतेऽनेन -घः ३।३।११२) 'भवेत् परिकरी बाते पर्यकपरिवारयोः । प्रगाढगात्रिकाबन्धे विवे- कारम्भयोरपि' इति विश्नः. P. 184. L. 4-5 (Verse 28). Ever and anon I nourished and fattened you with meat and ghee. but now when I need your assistance you have become my foe. P. 184. L. 9. [मल्लकप्पमाणेहिं]मलिकापत्रपुटिका (a leaf rolled into a funnel shape ) तयाकुलस्य महस्वं मौख्यदुपमिनोति. Sakāra instead of comparing his family with the ocean in greatness compares it ignorantly with a leaf roiled up into a funnel shape according to a retardar quoted by Prithvidhare. 'I think it is better to take E in the sense of a wrestler-an athletic--their dimensions are