विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

79 P. 177. 1. 13-16. (Verse 18). I fell on your feet long eyed one! and couple hands, O beauteous teethed lady, having ten nails ! Kindly forgive my faults that Cupid urged me to commit. Please rest assured, beautiful one, I am your humble slave. Supply ## after हस्ताञ्जलिम्.-[आतुरः]. Influenced or affected by. आतीतोर्ति 'सुर स्वरणे' हादिः, “छान्दसा अपि कचिद्भाषायां प्रयुज्यन्ते" (of. yaska II. 1. 2.) इगुषध इति कः (३।१११३४). Bhanuji Dikshita in his Vyakhyasudha p. 368, Bombay Edition; or अतू + उरच उण १।४१-धातोरादौ दीर्घः अत्तति निरन्तरं गच्छसि. वसन्ततिलक metre. P. 178, L. 2-3 (Verse 19). The head which my mothers caressed and that bowed not even to the gods has been kicked down (by you) like a carcass by the jackal in a thicket. Th*T, उपजातिवृत्तम्- P. 179. 1.. 2-5 (Verse 20). With these lands circumfer- renced by ten lotus-like nails and greedy for pastime and striking I drag your beantiful form from my carriage by your hair as Jațâyu did the wife of Vali.--[वालिदयितामिव जटायुः.] Another instance of हृतोपमम्.-[दशनख]-दशनखा उत्पलमण्डलानि उत्पलसमूहाः ययोस्ताभ्याम्- furnished with the circles of lotuses in the form of the nails,- [चाटुशत]-प्रियवचनशतानि इव ताडनानि प्रहारास्तेषु लम्पटाभ्यां लुब्धाभ्यां उत्पलाभ्यां bent on the intlection of punishment soothing like agreeable Fords, वसंततिलकं वृत्तम्. T:--He was the son of S'yeni and Aruna-a semi-Civine Lird. He was a great friend of Dasaratha. He once saved his life while he was thrown down along with his car by Saturn against whonu lie had proceeded when a draught, said to be caused by the planet, well pigł dovastated the earth. While Ravana was carrying way Sitâ Jatayu heard her cries ia tło chariot and fought most desparately with the formidable giant to rescue hor from his grasp. But he was mortally wounded, and remained in that state till Râma passed by that place in the course of his search after Sîtê. The kind hearted bird told Rama that his wife had been carried away by Ravana and then breathed his last. His funeral rights were duly performed by Rama and Lakshmana, arfe. The celebrated monkey chief. He is represented as the mighty son of Indra. His kingdom was usurped by his younger brother Sugriva when he bad gone to slay Dundubbi's brother. He on his return punished the insolent brother properly and compelled bim to dwell on the Rishyamuka mountain insuperable for Våli. He also seized Ruma, the wife of Sugriva. She was afterwards restored to her lord by Rama who after the request of Sugrīva Vanquished the hitherto unconquered lord of the monkeys. ---