विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

73 'कुलायो भीडमस्त्रियाम्' अमरः,-[परभृतः]. According to the common belief that the cuckoo leaves its eggs in the nest of the crows and they are hatched by the latter. Hence the name out- fed by others. The crow does not distinguish the egga completely identical with its own. Aryaka too is similarly mistaken for वसन्तसेना. उपमालङ्कारः, मालिनीवृत्तम्. P. 159, L. 10-11 (Vorso 4). He, the noble one will be high- ly gratified on seeing me free from captivity, My frame thug emaciated will certainly revive by his nobility and virtue.- fagfer.] Happiness, beatitude. वंशस्थविलं वृत्तम्. P. 160, L. 3. [30] Indeed the foot is fettered ! P. 160. I. 11-14 ( Verse 5 ). His arms are long like the ele- phantine trunk, shoulders protuberant and brawny like the lion's, breast capacious and level and eyes copper-red and tremulous. How should a porgon of such goodly appearance carry fetter on his foot? Persons of such an appearance should monarchs and not prisoners. Cf. Simulrika 'आजानुलंबिनी बाहू वृत्ती पीनौ नृपेश्वर' &c. According to palmistry these marks are indicative of royalty.-- ( Faro ] How can this noble one of such a graceful person, bear this mark of bondage unworthy of his dignity. मालिनीवृत्तम्. P. 160. L. 20-21 ( Verse 6). Fate has brought you hither with- in my sight, I may give up my life but not forsake you secking shelter with me.--[i] -TH. P. 161. L.9 [स्वयंग्राह.] Voluntary, self.choosing.--[प्रणय.] Courtesy P. 161. L. 13. प्रत्यग्र प्रत्यग्रं नवं अपनीसं संयमन बंधनं यस्य, निगडाद- चिरमुक्तस्य तष.-अलघु]-अलघुः महान संकारः संरोधः यस्याः सा. Your fetters are only just now removed and you cannot but walk tardily. P. 161. L. 14. [सुलभपुरुष०] Where men are roaming about at large. They will detect you at once. P. 161. L. 18 &c. (Verse 7).- “ Auspicious be your way to join your kinsmen." “Indeed I have found one in you." "I hope you will remember me during the course of conversation." "Can I forget royself ?" "Gods protect you on the path." "I am already protected by you." "No, by your good luck you have been saved," "But my friend, you are the main cause thereat." 7