विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

72 Throbbing of the right arm is indicative of success. Cf. Ragha VI. 64. 'वामेतरः संशयमस्य बाहुः। केयूरबन्धोक्छसितैर्नुनोद ॥ also Cf. S'ârngadhara दक्षिणमङ्गं पुंसः स्त्रियाश्च याम शुभावहं स्फुरितं । प्रियसंगमाय बाहोः कम्प:' &c. P. 156. I.. 7-8 ( Verse 25). I hope the Åryå (noble one) roquested and confided in, will remember Chandana. I don't ask it out of coveteousness, but through love. बोष्ट मो cf. बोलना. Metre Tror. P. 156. L. 10-11 (Verse 26). Fate has made Chandana my friend this day. If the saint's prophecy be ever fulfilled I will remember well how much do I owe to him. HTET. P. 156. L. 13-14 (Verse 27). May Hara, Vishņu, Brahmar, the Sun and the Moon grant you safety, killing your foes like Durgâ, the demons Sumbha and Nis'umbha.

  • and fag-two demon-brothers vanquished by Durgå.

The latter half of the Chandipitha narrates their destruction. P. 157. L. 4. (YAITUR*.] Hcal police officer. Act VII. P. 158. L. 6-7 (Verse 1). Like merchants are the trees, the llovers like wares and black bees like men roam about as if to collect taxes. साधय्--To collecb taxes.--[शुल्कम्.] tax. (शुल्क अति- सर्जने, धम् ३।३।१९), 'घट्टादिदेय शुल्कोऽस्त्री' इत्यमरः. आर्यावृत्तम् , उत्प्रेक्षालङ्कारः. P. 158. L. 8. [314CITO] Naturally (lit, without artificial de coration ) charming P. 158. L. 14-17 (Verse 2). Perhaps another car is rolling heavily and he is waiting for its going away or perhaps the axle is broken and he has returned, or the rein is snapped or perhaps the path was obstructed by a block lying thereon and he sought out another road, or perhaps he slowly urges on the pair of the bulle and is coming hither at will. शार्दूलविक्रीडित छन्दः. P. 159. L. 2-5 (Verse 3). Terrified at the sight of the police and only partly escaped as yet, the fetter being still on my foot I am going on by the chariot of that noble one, mounting it quite unawares like a cuckoo protected (nursed) by the female crows in a stranger nest, - [सावशेषापसार]-सावशेषमवशिष्टमपसारः पलायनं मस्य --whose liberty is yet incomplete. --(**)-fera---in the best.