विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

71 गाथा measure. P. 152. L 4-5 (Verse 20). Your throat was choaked in confusion when you said "I have seen indeed the Arya and after- varda corrected yourself saying no, not Årya but Arya (noble) Vasantasena. Flurried and afraid, Chandanaka, unconsciouly of course, vented out ajjo i. e. Årya or noble one, but coming to lis senses corrected himself to keep the secret. P.152.L.8. [खस-खत्ति०] ग्लेपछजातिनामानीसि-Various barbaric tribes so called after their countries some of which are identifiable. कण्णाट-काट-Karnatak. द्रविड-On the west coast of the Deccan. grar--Dravidian-Son of a Vrâtya. 12-The modern Tanjore. The moderu China, See Wilson's note on the passage. P. 154. L. 1-2 (Verse 21). Though I know your caste yet I don't want to disclose it out of politeness. Let it be alone (lit. stand in my mind). What is the use of breaking a wood apple...- [zfiafrar.] It is below my dignity to utter such profane name and besides I don't want to worry you. P. 154. L. 7-8 (Verse 22). You were wont to carry a piece of stone in your hand and regulate men's knot of hair. Your hand was busy with the scissors. Now you have become a general. Chandanaka says—Virâkə, you are a barber by birth. Your business was to trim the hair, but now you are a commandant. - शीर्ण०]-क्षौरसाधनान्बतीणीकरणाय धृतशिलापट्टैकखण्ड:-having a stone called stah in Panjabi in hand for sharpening the razors &c. P. 155. L. 2-3 (Verse 23). Indeed your caste is pure, tabor was your mother and your father a ketledrum. Oh ye hi- deous one! your brother was tamborine but now (of course ) you tre a general.--[g] Having a bad face, ugly. Metre Trut. P. 153. I. 4. Carmakara becomes chamar which is a good illus- tration of phonetic change. Carmn-kim-Camma-kärn (r assimilated to m.). - Camm(a)-gara (a surd betweon two sonants is changed into a sonant). camm-gara 7 camgår 7 chamar (& vanishes on account of the accunt being on år ruled by a tendency to facilitate the pronunciation P. 156. L. 4-1 (Verse 24). Ab ! I have got a weapon 1 way right arm throbs. Fortune (lit. Averything ) is favourable to me. Ob, I am safe. अनुष्टुप् वृत्तम्- अये and हन्त inter, Oh sh,