विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

68 P. 144. L. 21-24 ( Verse 4 ). It may be a carriage for company not mounted upon by the discourteous or perhaps a vehicle for women brought for her conveyance or perhaps it is to be led outside and fit for dignitaries, besides it is just possible that it is empty and unattended and Fate Herself has sent it for me. [fare यशातू.] By the decree of fate. विधिः (विधत्ते-उपसर्गे धं कि ॥३॥२२ or विध विधाने इन्), 'विधिर्ना नियती काले विधाने परमेष्ठिनि' इति मेदिनी. Metre शिखरिणी. P. 145. L. 17-18 (Verse 5). Why are you so careless—that captive son of a cowherd has broken the prison together with the king's heart and is going ofk. Pun upon the word मित्का. मरपति- हृदयं भित्या. व्याकुलीकृत्येति यावत् . Alarming him. Metre गाथा. P. 146. L. 1. [:] Fence wall.-(waret.) Main-street, broad road. 'रच्या प्रसोली विशिखा' नीणि ग्राममध्यमार्गस्य----इत्यमरः. P. 146, L. 7-8 ( Verse 6). Come yo all trustees. Make haste, quick 1 quick ! Let not the royalty of the king move off to another family at once. For thick. Mudrå. VI. 5. P. 146. L. 10-11 (Verse 7). Search gardens, assemblies, roads, town, shops, stalls, and every suspicious nook and corner. P. 146. L. 12-13 (Verso 8). Well Viraka! What do you point out and say without reserve-who las burst asunder the tetters and is taking off the cow-boy? P. 146. I. 14-15 (Verse 9). Who was the sun in the eighth mansion of the horoscopic diagram, the Moon in the fourth, Venus in the sixth, or Mars in the fifth ? P. 147. L. 1-2 (Verse 10). Tell me who has Jupiter in the eighth zodiac-sign from the natal one and also Saturn in the ninth? Who dares carry the cowboy whilst Chandanaka is alive? These five verses are in a moasure, art in the sixth. These planetary conjunctions are indicative of dire calamity and destruction. According to the commentator these forebode respectively pain, colie, fatuity, consumption, sorrow and abject poverty. अमो जन्मराशिसोऽष्टमराशिस्थः । एयमन्यत्र । दिनकरः सूर्यः । जन्मतोऽष्टमसूर्य- फलं मरणं यथाह बादरायणः। हुतवहभयमारश्चंद्रजः सौख्यमुग्रं धनहरणमथार्भािर्गवश्चार्थलाभम् । मरणमथ पत्ता स्थाननाशं सुरेज्य: सृजति निधनसंस्थो नेत्ररोग व चन्द्रः। जन्मसचतुर्थचन्द्रफलं कुझिरोगः, यथाह स एव- सूक्ष्मा शास्त्रविबोधिकामपि घिय मूढां करोत्यंगिरा।