विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

54 'उत्याय दिलीयन्ते दरिद्रामा मनोरया: मात्यवैधव्यदधानां कुलस्त्रीणां कुवाक.' -पुपयव्ययात् ]-लक्षयात्. Metre वसन्ततिलकम्. P. 117. L. 19-21 (Verse 9). He who has wealth can have her as she is to be won over by wealth. We are rejected by riches-80 she is already forsaken by me. 3 metre. P. 118. L. 9-10 (Verse 10). As it goes on raiping my back- skin becomes more and more drenched. My heart shivers simul- taneouly with the touch of cold wind.-[सिम्यति]-आद्रीभवति. be- comes wet. (तिम् 4 P.) उपेन्द्रवज्रा measure. P. 118. L. 12-13 (Verse 11). I can play upon the flute with soron holes excellently, sound the seven stringed resonant lute, can sing just like an what is Tumbaru or Närada before me in music.-[arter.] A deified saint, one of the mind-born sons of Brahman. He is said to be the inventor of Viņa. (a) A Gan- dharva, celebrated for his musical skill. Metre उपजातिविशेषः--पादत्रयं जगतीजास्याः, चतुर्थपादः शालिन्याः-मात्तौ गौचेच्छालिनी वेद लोकैः-म, स, त,ग, ग. P. 118. L. 16. [*] n. Air of entering the stage, used only in sing. as a stage-direction; entrance on the stage. P. 119. L. 3. (affitt:.] Enclosure, fence.--[errer] Wood-apple, --Feronis elephantum. P. 119. L. 5. (Arrasatear.] Raised seat on tho mansion si- tuate in the orchard.--[पारावत:] Dove. (परंपरादवसीति वा) परावतो दत्ता- श्रेयस्यायं गुरुः । तस्येदं (१॥३॥१२०) अण्-पारावतश्च छेवश्च कपोतो रहलोचना. पारावतः कलरकः इति रभसः. Bhiarji in his commentary on the Amara- ko's. P. 120. L. 10. (MATTE.]-Hissing--onomatopoetic term. P. 120. L. 11. मह.] Sacrifice, festival. '-अथ क्षण उद्धर्षो मह उद्धव उत्सव' अमर Kumbaflaka said एसासा, एसा सा and Vidashaka का एसा का, so they respectively said का का असि and सा सा असि--both opportune answers exciting laughter. TERTATE: **:-A crow is according to the pauriņio mythology the son of Indra. Cf. Jayanta coming to Râma and testing his godhead in the form of a crow. He receives & share in every sacrifice. He is bence called art. P. 121. L. 1. (og fer war.] Blossom, Vidushaka's ailliness is well exhibited. P. 132. L. 3. [farsro] The wit lies in punning and blundering on fa-turn round or transpose and Pada a foot or an infected word.