विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

52 It alludes to the fifth incarnation of Vishpu. The Gods being oppressed by Bali the famous demon, repaired to Vishņu for succour, who descended on earth as a son of Kas’yapa and Aditi in the form of a dwarf. He, under the guise of a mendicant, went to Bali, proud of his liberality and asked him for as much land as his three shrides could cover. The apparently insignficant request was granted. Lo ! the dwarf assumed a gigantic form and his two steps covered the earth and the heavens. There was no place for the third which was consequently placed on Bali who was after- wards sent to the nether regions to rule there. Thenceforth Vishộu in that form guards his doors below. P. 114. L. 14-15 (Verse 3). The cloud bas risen like the wielder of quoit (Visbộu), --which is dark like the form of Vishnu, has conch shell of the crooked row of cranes and yellow silk gar- ments of electricity. आर्यावृतम्, पूर्ववदुपमैव. This is a mere repetition of the previous verse. This is a rhetorical blemish-पुनरुक्त. अर्थोऽपुष्टः कष्टोऽव्याहतपुनरुक्तदुष्कममाम्या' tu. Kavya. VII, 7, 8, 9. P. 114. L. 16-19 (Verse 4). These torrents of rain, rapidly fallen from the clouds, similar to the melted and sprinkled silver and visible at intervals through the light of the lamp of electricity, fall like the fringes rent from the robe of heaven. [ fa]- निषिताः आरिता ये रजतद्रवा द्रवीभूतरजतानीति सेषां सनिकाशाः सरशाः निषिताः -Sprinkled upon. सम्रिकाशा-similar. 'निभसङ्काशनीकाशप्रतीकाशोपमादयः तुझ्यार्था'-अमरः, Metro क्सन्सतिलकम्, Rhetorical figure--रूपकानुप्राणितो- पमालयकार:. रूपक-अम्बरपट, विधुत्प्रदीप. उपमा-दशा इव. रूपकं रूपितारोपात् विषये निरपल' इति साहित्यदर्पणकृत्. P. 115. L. 1-4 (Verse 5). Flere tho sky appears to be in beautiful diagram on account of high soariag clouds, scattered and separated by the wind and having various forms-some similar to well united pairs of Chakravâka birds; some like swans flying all around; others like distorted collection of fishes and alligators and others like lofty mansions; i, e. the sky over this spot is a canopy whereon the beautiful images of geese &c. &c. are painted.--[ za]-pip. Disbevelled, displaced.( ****.] Flying in all directions..[reen सम-आलेख्यगसं---painted. Metre शार्दूलविक्रीडितम्. अलङ्कारः-उत्प्रेक्षा. 'सम्भावममथोस्प्रेक्षा प्रकृतस्य समेन यस्'-काव्यप्रकाशः (पप्रच्छेद्यमिवेह). P. 115. L. 5–8 (Verse 6). The sky darkened by the clouds is like the face of Dhritarashtra, the peacock is shouting (like proud and haughty ) Duryodhana, yaunting of his might; the ouckoo, like Yudhishthira vanquished by the dice play is bedumbed and the flamingoes, like the sons of Påņdu in the forest have gone