विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

46 from him by Rivaņa. It brought Râma and his train in a very short interval to Ayodhyå. Now follows the description of Vasantgena's palace with which that of Madanamåla of Somadova may be compared. P. 99. L. 7. सिलिलसित्त०] What a charming beauty of the outer door of Vasaztsonâ's palace--the threshold which is (first) sprinkled with water and (then) swept and then hegmeared with green cowdung P. 99. L. 8. [farago) Whose floor is decorated with various odorous flowers scattered to and fro. P. 99. L. 9. [TITRATTO] Whose top is raised high, as if, for catching the night of the vault of heaven.[TRATURI) Which is ornamented with jasa festoon looking like the loosely lang iug but supported trunk of the Airavata elephant. P. 99. L. 10. [agissaro] Which shinos 012 account of an arch of ivory P. 99. L 13. [2172] Which is beautified with the collec- tion of auspicious flags-the collection which by means of the fringes, shining on account of curls produced by the force of the wind, and dyed with safflower, beckons mo as if with forearma say. ing "come hither".-- (TTOSO) Its two sides are handsome on account of the auspicious cryslalline pitchers decorated with yreen and elegant leaves of the mango tree on their tops and placod on the altars of the capitals of the door posts. P. 99. L. 15. ( HETO] Whose golden-door-panels are thickly studded with impervious adamant-like stout breast of the great demon. P. 100. L. 1. [ ST] Which afficts (makes dospair ) the mind of the poor ( being inaccessible to them ). p. 100. L. 2. [#234] Its splendour catoles the sight of the indifferent even. [सलिल]--सलिलेन जलेन सिक्तं आकृतं, मार्जितं मार्जिनीभिः परिष्कृतं; तदनन्तरं कृतं हरितोपलेपनं यत्र तथाविधस्य. हरितोपलेपन-गोमयोपलेपनम् [विविध-विविधैः सुगन्धिकुसुमानां सुरभिसुमनसा उपहाः उपायनैः चित्रितो भूमिभागो यस्य.-[दोलाय.] —दोलायमानः अवलम्बिता ऐरावणहस्तभ्रमायितः ऐरावतशुण्डभ्रमजनकः यः मलि- कादामगुणः पुष्पमाला तेन अलवृत्तस्य, मल्लिका--'तृणशून्यं मल्लिकायां तथा स्थान के तकीकले' इति विश्वमेदिन्यौ. A kind of jasmine-Jasminum sambac. महारजनोपराग-Colour of safflower, महारजन-कुसुम्भ. 'स्यात् कुसुम्भं पति- शिसं महारजनमित्यपि'- अमरः, उपराग--उपरज्यते अनेनेति (र dye-पञ् न लोपः).-[पवननला] वातवेगोत्पादिसा या आन्दोलना तया लसन् दीप्यमानः अचलः योऽमहस्तसेन. By the fore-hand moving to and fro and shin-