विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

41 XII. 26. Metre शार्दूलविक्रीडिसम् , Rhetorical figure काध्यलिङ्गम् --काव्य- लिई हतोक्यपदार्थता---Mammata X.28. P. 90. L. 11-12 (Verse 7). Here is an ornament for you pre- pared, as it were, according to your extent, but it is not to be disclosed. Still wear it on my behalf (lit. for my affection), Metre अनुष्टुप्. P. 90. L. 13-14. (3141 :.] Because a prostitute is not pent up in the four walls-all will see her and her decorations. P. 91. L. 6. समाश्वसिहि.] Rerive, P. 91. L. 7-8 (Verse 8). Why do you, whose redemption is near, tremble but not relent? Your limbs are loosely hanging down on account of affliction and eyes are wild through fear, [विषाद-विषादेन दुःखासिशयेन स्रस्तानि पसितानि सर्वाफ्यनानि यस्याः.--- [संभ्रम-संभ्रमेण भयेन प्रान्ते लोचने यम्याः-Whone eyes are moving to and fro on account of fear. कम्पसे नानुकम्पसे-alliteration. Metre अनुष्टुप.- P. 91. L. 9. साहसिक.] Desperado. P. 91. L. 16. (systilaat.] Brought to life again. P. 91. L. 17. [frarm.] This word roused jealously in the mind of Sarvilaka. P. 91. L. 19-22 (Verse 9). Though descended from a virtuous family (yet) I overcomo by your love kesitate not to do criminal acts and though my excellences aro destroyed by Cupid still I retain discernment (between right and wrong). Notwithstanding all this you go to anothor (paramour) and proclaima me as your friend.-[सद्धृत्त०]-सद्धृत्ताः सदाचाराः पूर्वपुरुषाः पितृपितामहप्रभृतयो यस्मिन् सारशे--Jn which the ancestors were all well behaved.-[मन्मथविपन्न.] - मन्मथेन कामदेवेन विपन्नाः विपर्यस्ता गुणाः सदाचारादयः-Whose virtuous deeds are overturned by love..-[ics.] Call, profess falsely. [अपरं.] Chārudatta.- [यासि]-- अभिसरसि. Metre वसन्ततिलकम् . P. 91, L. 23. (trans.] Adv.—Significantly. P. 92. L. 1-2 (Verse 10). Here in this world the large trees in the form of sons of a good faroily, with fruits in the form of their entire wealth become fruitless when eaten by the birds in the form of prostitutes. P. 92. I. 3-4 (Vorse 11). This fire of love has the flame of sexual enjoyment and fuel of fond attachment. Herein wealth and youth of men are all cast (like oblations); s. e. the fierce fire of love consumes wealth of men. Cf. वेश्यासौ मदनज्याला रूपेन्धनसमेधिता। कामिभिर्यत्र हूयन्से यौवनानि धनानि च। Subhashitaratnâkara p. 123.