विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

38 the same affectionate one unchanged in adversity. Metre Ek. P. 84. I. 6. *.] Familiar confidence. P. 84. L. 10-11 (Verse 29). This is the value of that great faith with which this ornament was entrusted to us by her confid- ently; i. e. we repay the price of the trust she had in us and not of the ornaments. #Measure. P. 81. L. 12. (AtefrTo] You are conjured by the touch of our (i. e. my) body, P. 84. L. 14-15 (Verse 30). Fill, at once, the opening with these bricks. I cannot let it remain as it is, on account of many evils of idle censure i. e, people will tell tales and say in this house 8 pilferer entered &c. &c. I want to avoid these idle talks. So obliterate all these marks of the entrance of a thief at once. P. 84. L. 16 [अकृपण ०]--अकृपणं-कार्पण्यरहितं अदीनमित्यर्थः--- [storit] arts agricolor area fortage-Generously and proudly. P. 84. L. 17. (efe: 1c] A pauper cannot be a niggard as lie has nothing to part with. P. 84. L. 20. [54+ 214.] Perform as a sacred rite. Act IV. P. 85. L. 4. [f755) Looking attentively towards the picture. P. 86. I. 12. [वेशयासदाशिययेन०] Courtesy of the courtesans.-- विशवास.] Brothel. "वेशो वेश्याजनाश्रयः'-अमरः. P. 85. L. 15. [अलीकदक्षिणः] Feigning politeness. P. 86. L. 2. [तस्स कारणं किं पुरुछीअदि.] Why to ask the cause of your affectionate looks, you had bettor go him directly. P. 86. I.. 3. (Terata.] Because she was attached to a lover externally unworthy of her dignified rank. P. 86, L. 6-7. (treterragosto.] Veiled, furnished with veiling. P. 86. L. 7. प्रवहणम् रथविशेष:--Carriage. 'कीरथः प्रवहणं डयनं च समं त्रयम्'-अमरः. According to Amerasimha it is a litter or palanquin borne by men ou the shoulders-not & chariot. Cf. Bhanuji Dikshita-प्रीणि पुरुषस्कन्धवास्यस्य यानविशेषस्य होला' इतिण्यासस्व.- Vyak yasudha page 474, Bombay Edition. But our author usos it, as will be manifest further on, in the sense of a particular chariot conveyed by oxen. (Bailgadi. ) P. 86. L. 9. (grandpareto] Ornaments to the value of ten thousand Suvarnas.