विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

37 P. 80. L. 17. (gari.] Successful. Mark the magnanimity and benevolence of Chârtidatta. P. 81. L. 5-6. (Verse 24). Who will believe in reality (i.e. that it was stolon); overy one will slight me. Indeed the base poverty is liable to suspicion in this world. Metre. All will say that the ornaments were misuppropriated by Chårudatta. None will confide in the positive fuct.---[ भूतार्थ]-चौरेणैव हसमिति रूपं H. Abject poverty is always suspicious. Cf. Supra I. 36. [सूलयिष्यति]-लधूकरिष्यसि-Will examine with distrust. सुलयिष्यति- weight me, test me. P. 81. L. 8-9. (Verse 25). If fate caught hold of my riches then why doos that ruthless one tarnish my fair name now. प्रणयः]-ग्रहणाभिलापः--[नृशंस..] Cruel. 'नृशंसो घातुकः कर'-अमर:- P. 81. L. 13-14. (Verse 26). Fain I would beg and collect monoy to requito the deposit; but on no account I falsify and soil my fame. [faftur.Requital, recompense. Metre 3116 P. 82. L. 9. (extraidat.] Pride, magnanimity. P. 83. L. 3. I observed a fast on Ratnashashitt in which the faster, should, according to the means, give wealth to Brahmans. But I did not. So please accept this string of pearls on that ac- count. Dhätâ, the wife of Chârudatta, thus requested Vidůshaka on purpose. Her husband will not accept directly the pearl-string from her. Man should give riches to, but not receive it from his wife; so she gives those pearls under the above mentioned pretext to his friend who will give there to her husband as if they were his (Maitreya's) own. Owing to this reason she asks him:-- अनमित्तेअ, मा लु मkc.-रखपष्ठी.] Particular sixth day of the lunae fortnight. r. 83 L. 17. [HTB.] Wife of Cbârudatta, · Y. 83. L. 19-20 (Verse 27). Because of my (adverse) fato y own wealth has disappeared. I am pitied through the woman's wealth. From a mercenary point of view the man (Chårudatta ) has lecome a woman (i. c. helpless like her, and woman man, A woman depends upon the stronger sex whose duty is to afford her assistance. But we are transformed. I receive help from my wife in lieu of giving it ler. HITT measure. P. 84, L. 2-3 (Verse 28). I have a wife whose affection outlives my fortune, a (true) friend, sharing my sorrows and joys and an unwarped honesty which is hardly accessible to the poor.--- विमवानुगता.] सधने निर्धने वा मयि समैव न विमनायते-She is all along 4