विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

36 P. 76. L. 12. [fot.] not to be disregarded. P. 76. L. 14. [आमेयः कीट:.] Fire-fiapping worm. P. 76. L. 16. ( ars.]-(Auspicious seat). Name of the insect. P. 76. In 18, (TEF) Who does not receive alnas or donations. P. 76. I. 19-20. [fupi Fa]. I may fulfil this Brahman's longing. P. 77. L. 6. [3] Wares. P. 77. L. 10-11. (Vetse 19). Fie upon this abject poverty which does not display manliness. I perform this infamous deed and conderon it (at the same time).--[snararea.] Not displayed. अनुप् छन्द P. 77. L. 14. [ far.) Becoming standstill like a post. P. 77. L. 16-19. (Verse 20). I am a cat in climbing, deer in running, hawk in seizing and tearing into pieces, dog in knowing the strength of the drowsy and the wide awako, snake in creeping, Mâyå hersclf in disguisc and masks, Logos in different tonguos, lamp in the nigtits, mule in a defilo, borse on land, and bout on the water.--[#r91.] "IlTusion or deception per- sonified. --[ar] Goddess Saraswati.-53#]—348:--Mule. Metre-शार्दूलविक्रीडितम्- P. 78. L. 2-3. (Verse 21). I am a serpent in motion, mountain in fixity; a counterpart of Garudu (lit. Lord of the birds) in run- ning to and fro, a hare in kenning the world, wolf in seizing and lion in prowess.--[14] --(from the root re, simpler form of the root 8) Tearer, wolf, Metre gførarar. P. 79. L. 6-9. (Verse 22). Ah, the hyreach is indeed beauti- ful--the bricks are thrown down from above, its head is narrow and middle expanded. It appears that the heart of the mansion as it were, bas burst open, because a man unworthy of it entered it.--[ उपरि०]-उपरिसलात् निपातिता इष्टका यस्य---whose upper bricks are thrown down or उपरि-ऊर्श्वभागात्-सलादधोभागाच----from above and below:--असहश०]-अपोग्यजनस्य शर्विलकस्य चौरत्वात्-संप्रयोगः प्रवेशादिक HIT Hifa-who is afraid because of its subjection to a thief. Motre पुष्पिताना, उत्प्रेक्षालङ्कारः. P. 79. L. 12. (frargkrea) By a novice, beginner. P. 79. L. 15-18. (Verse 23). This opening must have been made by a foreigner who was practising his art--he did not know that the impoverished alone slept soundly. He entered full of hope when he saw the large dimensions and beauty of our siou, but afterwards being fatigued by affecting breach in the wall went quite disappointed.--[विस्रग्धसुसं] -अमराहित्यात निःशनिद्रितं. He took pains and got through the wall but in vain. Metre शार्दूलवि- कीडितम् man-