विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

grandsons of På du for the Påndavas murdered them. File similarly killed Dhộishtadyumoa, the brother of Draupadi and killer of his father. Metre शार्दूलविक्रीडितम्. P. 73. L. 12-15 (Verse 12). What part is loosened because of the constant) sprinkling of water where there may be no noise (made by the falling of bricks etc.)? Where can the wide opening be most easily affected which will not be visible to the public)? What part of the mansion is likely to be crazy, have few bricks and emaciated because of the corrosion by the saltpetre? Where can I penetrate without encountering the fair-sex,and come out wholly suc- cessful (i, e light upon the booty)? The females are to be avoided as a bud omes for the pilferers or for regard towards thow. alizada हि सदनिष्टाचरणं वीरजनहित य.-[करालः] महान् -wide.—दिर्शन०] अभ्यजन- ferior. Which may not be casily seen by the police and others; or दर्शनं शास्त्रं दर्शनान्तरं कनकशक्त्यादिमनविशेषः तत्र गतोऽनुगतः सदीय- मतप्रतिपादितः, करालो विपरीतः तन्मतविरुङ् इत्यर्थः .. e. I may affect an opening which is just according to the prescriptions of science of thieving but not contrary to them. -लोष्ठककृशं]--इष्टकादिखण्डपरिक्षीण- Emaciated &s regards bricks and other materials.[ riferim :). धमलाभः:-हम्य.] Mansion, "हयादि धमिनां वास'-अमरः (हरसि मनः-हम् हरणे+या+मुद्र) P. 73. L. 16. [ar] Softened or eaten up. P.73. L. 16. [क्षारक्षीणा.] Corroded by saltpetre.-[मूषिकोत्करः]-- 'पुजराशी सूस्करः कूटमस्त्रियाम्'-अमरः. Rubbish thrown by rats. उत्कर:--- Heap (37+). What is thrown up. P. 73 L. 17. [स्कन्दपुत्राणां] -कार्तिकेयोपजीविनां चौराणाम् . P. 73. L. 19. [कनकशक्तिना-]-स्कन्देन. P. 73. L. 19-21. There is a fourfold mode of breaching & house--1) picking out burnt bricks. (2) cutting through un- baked ones, (3) throwing water on a mud-wall, (4) and tearing a sunder the wooden one. P. 74. L. 1-4 (Verse 13). Shall the opening be like the bloom- ing lotus, the full Sun or the new Moon, wide like the tank, the Svastika or like the water-pitcher ? On what side should I exhibit my skill that the citizens may be astouished to see it to-morrow. वापी विस्तीर्ण इति द्वे नामनी--pondlike and प्रशस्त laudably brand one. स्वस्तिक-like cross with ends hent round.-~-[ब्याकोशं]-प्रफुल-प्रफुलो- स्कुसफुल्लन्याकोशविकचस्फुटा:-' अमरः, Metre वैश्वदेवी-शाणाक्षिा बैदेयो ममौ पौ. P. 74. L. 5. The 'water-jar' looks best in a brick wall, I shall produce it. P. 74. L. 6-9 (Verse 14). The neighbours in the morning